Dyne:bolic is one of the GNU/Linux distributions recommended by the Free Software Foundation: no proprietary software is inside, no closed source firmware.

You are free to study, modify, redistribute and even sell this operating system, as long you grant the same freedom to others.

As our society grows more dependent on computers, the software we run is of critical importance. Free software is about having control over the technology we use in our homes, schools and businesses, where computers work for our individual and communal benefit, not for proprietary software companies or governments who might seek to restrict and monitor us.

The free software movement is one of the most successful social movements to emerge in the past 25 years, driven by a worldwide community of ethical programmers dedicated to the cause of freedom and sharing. But the ultimate success of the free software movement depends upon teaching our friends, neighbors and work colleagues about the danger of not having software freedom, about the danger of a society losing control over its computing.

A big difference between dyne:bolic and other popular operating systems around is that we adopt only 100% free and open source software

The result is that we can provide support for less hardware cards (video, network, wireless and such): just those working transparently, following a well documented protocol and running free and open source drivers that make it clear to everyone what the device is doing. It is frustrating on the short term to have such a limited hardware support, but we think is worth on the long term because it gives everyone the freedom to study, adapt and modify software and hardware and to clearly know what is happening inside our machines.

Why freedom is better on the long term?

To explain why this is important, let us propose you an example in a different context, that of food production: many farmers in the World have been told by the global mega-corporations that by buying and using their proprietary chemicals and seeds their farms would be more productive. The result of this corporate fraud is that farmers become dependent from foreign and proprietary chemicals and seeds: they are often genetically modified so that plants won’t produce more seeds, plus they are protected by patents so that farmers themselves cannot study, adapt and redistribute the technology they are using. It even gets worst, since these proprietary and globalised products cannot be appropriate to the contexts they are used: not even the promise of productivity is maintained and the soil gets poisoned by the ignorance and inability of the mega-corporations that will never be able to supply very different needs around the world.

Now, back to your computer :^) think of how important is the technology you use to build your social interaction online, your digital productions and audio/video creations. As the importance of this technology grows in your life, so it grows the power of the mega-corporations which are acting unethically by locking you out of your own device, denying your freedom to study, modify, adapt and redistribute all what you use. On the long term you will find yourself depending from these technologies and being limited by them, you will not be able to evolve and use your knowledge and skills at their full potential. You’ll be a mental slave trained to say yes to license agreements progressively corroding your rights and interacting with prefabricated interfaces which will limit your freedom and squeeze out your time and money while doing that.

That’s why we consciously eliminate support for the hardware that closes you up in such traps. For instance if you are a digital artist, using dyne:bolic or other 100% free operating systems you can be sure that your creations can be preserved in time, without being held hostage of proprietary technologies needed to reproduce them.

Ok! so you think you’re smart, hu? what should I do then?!

Next time you buy technology, think twice and choose wisely! here is a useful initiative you can visit to find out which hardware is well supported by free software:


Liberate yourself from mental slavery!