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Find out how to inspire and empower people with free software

We run free software workshops to introduce partecipants to the use of a 100% free GNU/Linux operating system for media production and artistic creativity.

Every participant receives a bootable copy of dyne:bolic in USB with all the software needed, free to be used and redistributed (GNU GPL license).

The workshop consists in an hands-on experience employing GNU/Linux for digital media production, exploring various ideas and practices of crafting and recycling technologies, to stimulate students towards the invention of novel forms of interactive computing and social networking, audio and video manipulation, electronic music making, painting and filming. The implicit message is that one does not need to buy the latest expensive tools in order to be creative: it is always possible to do something wonderful, even without a computer, we must admit :^)

The notions acquired will not make it necessary to buy any commercial software, the students will be free to produce and distribute their own creations without depending from the speculation of commercial companies.


The workshop can be held for classes of 10-20 people and, upon request, can focus on a particular aspect of multimedia production: audio, video, radio streaming, image editing and more. The language of the workshop can be englishitalian, spanish and maybe more languages. Prices may range on top of travel and accommodation.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us with questions!

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